BCA: MIET College of Arts & Science is to make Students to fit for the global need of Software Professions. To prepare the students to take up positions as systems analysts, system designers, programmers and       managers in any field with computer applications.

B.Com – Banking & Financing

B.Com (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance): MIET College of Arts & Science have a good command of fundamental theories and knowledge of commerce and also to understand the essential e-commerce concepts and technologies and develop the student skills related to the management and application of e-commerce and discuss the trends in e-commerce.


BBA (International Studies): MIET College of Arts & Science is to develop full-fledged professionals with an in-depth knowledge in a variety of academic areas. To develop effective communication, computation, analytical and critical thinking and logical reasoning skills among the students. To develop right altitude, personality development sessions and nurture entrepreneurship and leadership skills are included […]

B.Sc – Computer Science

B.Sc (Computer Science): MIET College of Arts & Science is to make quality computer professionals by educating computer concepts and      techniques. To assess the students to work with recent tools and techniques. To develop human capital with emphasis on creating a knowledge based society. Curriculum: Programming language, Data structure and algorithm, Information Coding […]

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a fledgling department started in the institution during the year 2014. This department was started with an objective to impart high quality education in Mechanical Engineering with the initial intake 60. The department aims to enrich the knowledge of students in both theory and practice with a team of […]

Diploma in Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering is equipped with excellent laboratory facilities including a separate CADD lab. Apart from the curriculum, the department trains the students with latest commercial Modeling and Analysis softwares and moulds them suitable for Industries.